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  19. This is the same scum that spawned the EDL with their vicious protest at our returning troops.As the Swiss vote shows the European people [as opposed to the EU dhimmis]have had enough of this hate mongering filth.Time almost up.How dare she not support train and plane bombers?.If it was in dar al islam she would have been buried waist deep and stoned by these heroes.

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  21. Yeah Lyta, I don’t even think Bill will kill the queen. And I completely agree that Victor had help. I think Bill definitely has some kind of help, and I don’t even think the queen dies either, I think she gets sent to jail or something, as setup for a future Rhodes like plot.I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.   0 likes

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  24. I liked this book, but it wasn't as good as her other two books which were amazing! I do agree that Cat was a weak link in terms of characterisation. I am glad that I read it though

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  40. Was perhaps the most coveted indie out of Sundance this year (certainly had as many buyers interested as BURIED, SPLICE and THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT). Didn’t have the chance to see it there but have only heard positive things. These comments confuse me to no end. Hollywood’s product is remarkably unwatchable at the moment and people are writing off one of the few genuinely buzz worthy films of 2010 sight unseen. Unreal.

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  43. Pretty good review. While I’m not totally in love with McCarthy’s minimalist style, I agree that I wouldn’t change it for this story as it seems most effective as it is, as it relates both sadness and tenderness in the story. It’s one of those that will be much read in years to come, and will be considered one of the classics of 21st century literature, even though we still have ninety years to go.

  44. Are there also USB ports on the back? I seem to recall seeing them. It’s all looking pretty good! I miss the days when Nintendo released transparent consoles/controllers.

  45. Father, if you had not answered my questions about the Tridentine Mass (, and ), I would not have started down the uneven and difficult road towards appreciation for and devotion to the old Mass.Thank God for Mr. Davies and his encouragement to you in your discovery of the usus antiquior!PS Was it FIVE YEARS AGO that you wrote that?!

  46. A couple years ago I spent a few weeks in Russia, spent a lot of time talking to Russians. I make no claims as to the scientific validity of my survey, but one of the things that suprised me most was that the one they cursed in their cups wasn’t Gorby or Lenin or Stalin, but Nicky II. Despite some of the most oppressive leaders in history, the one they hate the most is the one that wasn’t oppressive enough.

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  89. Thank you Alastair for the link to this site. I had little knowledge and have tried to search more facts and real stories of what is going on. I have been a staunch supporter of Israel and it’s right to protect itself, but this story and other accounts are changing my mind on “how” they are securing their identity and “their land.” And yes, Jesus would never do what is happening to these defenseless families.

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